Our Story

I was born with asthma and this really inhibited my ability to perform any type of high intensity fitness training. Then I started Crossfit to reach a fitness goal of improving my conditioning by pushing me beyond unimaginable limits.

Some of these unimaginable limits included jump rope conditioning, specifically double-unders. I found double-unders very difficult to learn. Double-unders require coordination and a jump rope that could spin well. I had neither. Over time, I learned the coordination but couldn’t find a jump rope that was adjustable, light, durable, and could spin fast for less than $50 or $60.

We looked at a lot of jump ropes on Amazon, specifically what the negative comments were. We found a lot of jump ropes were made of plastic parts and breaking within a few uses. We wanted to solve this problem for our customers.

We started LiftBro to help others reach their fitness goals with high quality athletic accessories at a value price point because people shouldn't have to pay unreasonably high prices for quality products.