1) Are your jump ropes durable?

Yes. Our jump ropes are made from aluminum and are intended to last a long time. Coated wire ropes, however, do wear down over time. Coated wire ropes can easily be replaced separately.

2) What size jump rope is right for me?

Each jump rope should be customized to the specific height of the individual. A good rope length estimate would be to stand on the middle of the jump rope cable and reach the handles to your under-arms. You can refer to the size guide below if numbers are more your thing.


The size guide is only a reference because the rope length required also depends on how far the arms and elbows are from the body. 

3) How long will it take to ship my order?

We usually ship orders out within one business day and they can take up to five business days to be delivered depending on the shipping carrier. We have found that it generally takes about three business days for people to receive their orders.

4) I want to purchase a lot of jump ropes for my gym. Is there a volume discount?

We have placed a lot of orders with CrossFit gyms. Please contact us and we will work to give you a great rate on orders of more than 20 units.