July 2018

July 2018

What You Need in a Great Jump Rope 

Diet and exercise are important to a healthy lifestyle. Fitness is our passion but we can’t do it alone. What do we mean? Sometimes we need to have some sick gear to help us through our workouts. Making sure that people have the best fitness accessories to help them be the best versions of themselves is important to us. It is a terrible feeling when we buy a piece of fitness equipment, use it a few times and it breaks. That’s why we focused on making sure that LiftBro jump ropes and fitness accessories are made to take whatever your fitness can throw at them.

Style High Club

Who says that looking awesome isn’t a part of fitness? Not us! Styling a jump rope to match your sleek apparel, cushy training shoes or your gleaming personality was something that we thought of at the very start. Having a mood swing? Got the hottest new gear? Great! Swap out the rope for a different color and don’t miss a beat!

No Fat, Just Jacked

Most people look at some jacked guy or a shredded girl and think thJump rope womaney must be strong. We feel the same way about jump ropes. Jump ropes take a beating and we found that plastic parts couldn’t take the punishment that we dishing out when we were reaching our fitness goals. We wanted to make sure that the handles, the rope and the internal parts were aluminum so our jump ropes would be strong enough to meet the highest expectations.

Spin It to Win It

What is a jump rope if it doesn’t jump with you? Right!? A jump rope with a good spin means that it should take less effort to rotate the rope around your body which saves your shoulders from burning out too quickly. Jump ropes should have ball bearings in the handles that spin to win your workout. If not, then you will be spending a lot of energy to get nowhere. That sounds like no fun to us too!

Flex and the City

Fit girl jumping ropeIsn’t it the worst feeling when you try and cancel your spot in a fitness class less than 24 hours in advance and they still charge you anyway? Many fitness classes and studios don’t adjust to your schedule without a penalty. When it comes to jump ropes, we know that one size doesn’t fit all and having an adjustable jump rope gives you the flexibility to experiment with the length that suits your height or jump rope style.

Sushi Roll it Up

The backpack you take to the gym has your shoes, clothes, water bottle and maybe some wrist wraps. Great, now I get to add a heavy jump rope to my pack. We get you and that’s why we think that a great jump ropes don’t need to weigh you down like that leftover Chinese food. We rolled up all the features in our jump ropes into a 4.4 ounce, light weight design, that will make you forget that it’s in your bag.