10 Great Ways To Keep Active While Working From Home

10 Great Ways To Keep Active While Working From Home

A lot of people are working from home these days as a social distancing measure. As a result, access to gyms, clubs, and other fitness sources has been curbed down to zero. There are lots of ways to stay in shape while being isolated and working from home.

I work from home a lot, so this is familiar territory for me. One tip I love when it comes to staying active while maintaining social distancing is getting a skipping rope, and doing bursts of skips, either 20 at a time, 50, or 100. Then, do some lunges to recover, and stretch. Repeat three times, and you’ve got yourself a great at-home workout!

—Pollyanna Lenkic, executive coach, Melbourne, Australia

1) Jump Rope: ^^ (see above)

2) Online Yoga Class: Everyone is using Zoom. Many fitness studios are all going virtual. Join a class and get it done. The best part? Zero travel time. Join, crush, and done.

3) Solo Dance Party: Turn on a Taylor Swift song and you have three minutes to audition as her backup dancer. Oh, and you will burn some big time calories.

4) Use Household Items as Weights: Do you have some laundry detergent laying around? Maybe curl a couple of bottles of liquid soap with your arms. Pro Tip: Take the bottles of liquid soap and maybe combine it with that Solo Dance Party!

5) Plank Holds: Get your phone timer out and do some plank holds. Let's say five, 30-second intervals (30-seconds on, 30-seconds off, five times).

6) At Home Spin Bike: Do you have a Peloton? It is a great time to have one. Get on the bike, get into class, and stay in shape!

7) Walk Around During Meetings: One of the problems of working from home is meetings. If you are on a phone call, stand up and walk around to keep moving. Keeping that blood flowing through your legs will help keep them loose.

8) Workout Videos: Take a few minutes and pound out a quick workout video or even a part of it. Maybe start your day in workout clothes and keep a light jacket handy for those Zoom calls so you are ready to hit the play button as soon as the call is over. 

9) Take The Stairs: Doing a few laps up and down the stairs for some quick exercise can be a great way to keep active throughout the day.

10) Air Squats: Set an alarm, say every hour, to do some squats. Do 25 air squats ever hour on the hour of your workday is 200 reps!!! Did you ever think you could do 200 air squats? You can. Ring the alarm and get it done!

Your home is your own gym. Just think of some creative ideas to help you keep limber while social distancing.  

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